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Bill # Description Intro / Sponsors Info
HB18-1040 Inmate Treatment Incentive Plans 1/10/18
A. Benavidez / R. Fields
HB18-1055 Increase Surcharge For Court Security Cash Fund 1/10/18
A. Benavidez
HB18-1089 No Monetary Conditions Of Bond For Misdemeanors 1/18/18
A. Benavidez / R. Fields
HB18-1231 Repeal Columbus Day As State Legal Holiday 2/5/18
A. Benavidez
HB18-1278 Apprentice Utilization In Public Projects 3/7/18
A. Benavidez / D. Moreno
HB18-1283 Classify Residential Land Change In Improvements 3/8/18
A. Benavidez / T. Neville
HB18-1304 DOR Department Of Revenue Enforcement Measures Collection Of Tax Owed 3/20/18
A. Benavidez / L. Court
HJR18-1012 Medicaid Eligibility Detained Individuals 4/5/18
A. Benavidez | D. Michaelson Jenet / L. Crowder | R. Fields
HB18-1359 Colorado Charitable Contribution Income Tax Deduction 4/4/18
A. Benavidez | D. Pabon
HJR18-1017 Equal Pay Day 4/9/18
A. Benavidez | F. Winter / K. Donovan | D. Moreno
HB18-1081 State Court Administrator Reminder Call Center 1/17/18
A. Benavidez | P. Lee / J. Cooke
HB18-1013 Income Tax Credit For Endowment Contributions 1/10/18
A. Garnett / K. Priola
HB18-1202 Income Tax Credit Leave Of Absence Organ Donation 2/5/18
A. Garnett / B. Gardner
HB18-1388 Exempt Reqmnt Register Security If Notice Filing 4/13/18
A. Garnett / J. Tate
HB18-1436 Extreme Risk Protection Orders 4/30/18
A. Garnett | C. Wist / L. Court
SB18-004 Funding For Full-day Kindergarten 1/10/18
A. Kerr
SB18-144 Bicycle Operation Approaching Intersection 1/29/18
A. Kerr / Y. Willett | C. Hansen
SB18-089 Elements Of The Crime Of Hazing 1/16/18
A. Williams / J. Melton
SB18-157 Colorado Women's Veterans Act 1/31/18
A. Williams / J. Danielson
SB18-120 Time Period For Tenant To Cure Unpaid Rent 1/29/18
A. Williams | K. Priola / D. Jackson | J. Wilson
HB18-1439 Prohibit Misleading Signs Disclaiming Liability 5/3/18
A. Winkler
SB18-031 Title 12 Recodification Study One-year Extension 1/10/18
B. Gardner / M. Foote
SB18-065 Add Health Maintenance Organizations Life And Health Insurance Protection Association 1/12/18
B. Gardner / T. Kraft-Tharp
SB18-088 Taxation Of Retail Marijuana Sales 1/16/18
B. Gardner / K. Becker
SB18-109 Authorize Audio-video Communication Notarial Acts 1/29/18
B. Gardner / A. Garnett | C. Wist