2013 Healthcare

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HB13-1068On-site Inspections Of Medicaid Providers YOUNG / ROBERTS Currently, state law requires the department of health care policy and financing (department) to provide advance notice to a medicaid provider of a review or audit of the provider. Federal law requires that the department require a provider to permit the department or its contractors and the federal medicaid agency or its agent to conduct on-site inspections of provider locations, unannounced and without advance notice to the provider, for purposes of ensuring the accuracy of records and compliance with federal and state medicaid requirements. The bill amends the statute to allow for unannounced inspections of medicaid providers. 04/08/2013 Governor Action - Signed
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HB13-1078Repeal Colorado Health Benefit Exchange JOSHI / HARVEY In 2010, pursuant to the enactment of federal law that allowed each state to establish a health benefit exchange option through state law or opt to participate in a national exchange, the general assembly enacted the "Colorado Health Benefit Exchange Act" (act). The act created the state exchange, a board of directors (board) to implement the exchange, and a legislative health benefits exchange implementation review committee to make recommendations to the board. This bill repeals the act. 02/05/2013 House Committee on Health, Insurance & Environment Postpone Indefinitely
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HB13-1104Mental Hlth Profl Oral Disclosure Peer Assist KRAFT-THARP / NEWELL Current law requires all mental health professionals to disclose specified information to clients during the initial client contact both orally and in writing. Section 1 of the bill eliminates the requirement that mental health professionals disclose the required information orally. Current law also requires mental health professionals, upon initial application or renewal of a license, certification, or registration, to pay a fee to fund the costs of the mental health professional peer health assistance program, the purpose of which is to provide assistance to a professional needing help in dealing with a physical, emotional, or psychological condition that may impact his or her ability to practice his or her mental health profession. Section 2 of the bill modifies the program as follows:
* Requires the director of the division of professions and occupations (director) to annually review the fee amount and adjust the fee as necessary to reflect program usage, but not to exceed $25;
* Requires a designated provider that is chosen to provide the program to take into consideration, when referring a mental health professional for treatment, the cost of the treatment and whether it poses a financial hardship on the professional, and, if so, requires the designated provider to consider alternative treatment or referral to a treatment program that offers a sliding-scale fee;
* Precludes the director from selecting a designated provider until each mental health board has provided input, and further precludes the selection of a designated provider until the boards and director obtain input from mental health professionals; and
* Requires a designated provider to notify the applicable board when a mental health professional successfully completes the program, and requires the board to reinstate the professional's license, registration, or certification upon successful completion of the program. 
03/29/2013 Governor Action - Signed
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HB13-1115CoverColorado Repeal MCCANN / STEADMAN The bill recognizes that as a result of the passage of health care reform by the federal government, Colorado residents termed "high risk" for purposes of health insurance coverage will be able to obtain health insurance coverage regardless of preexisting medical conditions. Therefore, there is no reason for the continued existence of the CoverColorado program. The bill provides for the repeal of CoverColorado, effective March 31, 2015. Prior to the repeal, the bill requires the board of directors of CoverColorado to develop an orderly plan for cessation of the program including:
* Cessation of enrollment of new participants for coverage after December 1, 2013;
* Termination of health care coverage for existing participants, effective April 1, 2014;
* Payment or settlement of claims for covered services and all other outstanding liabilities by December 31, 2014; and
* By March 31, 2015, final disposition of all remaining funds in any account of the program. 
05/28/2013 Governor Action - Signed
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HB13-1175Higher Ed Funding Before Medicaid Expansion DELGROSSO The bill limits the expansion of the medicaid program to newly eligible persons until such time as the general fund appropriation to higher education is at least $747,000,000. 02/19/2013 House Committee on Public Health Care & Human Services Postpone Indefinitely
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SB13-010Dean Allopathic Osteopathic Sch Commn Family Med LUNDBERG / HULLINGHORST Under current law, the commission on family medicine (commission) comprises the following members:
* The dean of the university of Colorado school of medicine or the dean's designee;
* The director of accredited family medicine programs in the state;
* A representative of the Colorado academy of family physicians; and
* A health care consumer appointed by the governor from each congressional district in the state. The bill adds as members of the commission the deans of all accredited allopathic and osteopathic schools of medicine in the state or their designees. Additionally, the bill clarifies that the limitation on the number of commission members from that same major political party applies only to governor appointees from each of the 7 congressional district in the state and reduces that limitation from 8 to 4 members. 
03/22/2013 Governor Action - Signed
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SB13-023Increase Damages Caps Under CGIA CADMAN Currently, the "Colorado Governmental Immunity Act" (act) sets as a maximum amount that may be recovered by a person suing a public entity or public employee for loss or injury caused by the entity or employee in any single occurrence, whether from one or more public entities and public employees:
* For any injury to one person in any single occurrence, the sum of $150,000; and
* For an injury to 2 or more persons in any single occurrence, the sum of $600,000, and, in such circumstances, the act prohibits any single person from recovering in excess of $150,000. To ensure these limitations on damages reflect the effects of inflation since the specific limitations were last increased by the general assembly, the bill increases the damages limitation for any injury to one person in any single occurrence to $478,000. For an injury to 2 or more persons in any single occurrence, the bill increases the damages limitation to $990,000 and further specifies that, in such circumstances, a single person is precluded from recovering in excess of $478,000. The bill further provides that the increased damages amounts are:
* Exclusive of interest awarded; and
* Adjusted for inflation every 4 years. The bill requires the attorney general to make this required adjustment on an every 4-year basis commencing January 1, 2018, to certify the amount of the adjustment, and to publish the amount of the adjustment on the attorney general's web site. 
04/19/2013 Governor Action - Signed
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SB13-042Foreign Asst Med Professor Renew Physician License MORSE / WALLER Current law allows distinguished foreign teaching physicians to be licensed to practice medicine at a state medical school. The license is valid for one year only; to renew the license, the distinguished foreign teaching physician must have been invited by the school to serve as a full-time member of its academic faculty at a rank equal to an associate professor or higher. Assistant professors cannot renew their licenses. The bill allows an assistant professor who is a distinguished foreign teaching physician to renew his or her license. 04/25/2013 Sent to the Governor
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SB13-044Prepaid Inpatient Health Plan Incentives NICHOLSON / CORAM The bill changes the time when a quality incentive payment is made under a prepaid inpatient health plan agreement from within 6 months to within a reasonable period of time. 03/22/2013 Governor Action - Signed
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SB13-066Taxpayer Abortion Separation Act HILL The Colorado constitution prohibits public funds from being used to pay for, or to reimburse anyone for payment of, an induced abortion. The bill establishes that anyone who directly or indirectly performs an induced abortion, advocates for induced abortions, or provides referrals for induced abortions shall not receive any public moneys from, nor be administered by, the state of Colorado or its agencies or political subdivisions. 02/04/2013 Senate Committee on Judiciary Postpone Indefinitely
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SB13-116Psychologists Evaluate Defendant's Mental State ULIBARRI / LEE Current law authorizes psychiatrists to perform evaluations to determine a criminal defendant's sanity or impaired mental condition. The bill authorizes certain licensed psychologists who have additional certifications in forensic psychology to perform such evaluations. 04/08/2013 Governor Action - Signed
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SB13-144Exempt Certain Hospitals Info Financial Assistance AGUILAR / MCCANN Under current law, certain hospitals are required to make information available to patients concerning the hospital's financial assistance, charity care, and payment plans, as well as offer to screen each uninsured patient for financial assistance. The bill amends the definition of "hospital" and exempts psychiatric hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, and long-term acute care hospitals from the provisions of the law. 04/04/2013 Senate Committee on Health & Human Services Postpone Indefinitely
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SB13-178Red Rocks Physician Assistant Graduate Program HUDAK / HAMNER Currently, Red Rocks community college offers a certificate program in physician assistant studies, and, through an affiliation with St. Francis university in Pennsylvania, students may obtain a master of medical science degree. The eligibility requirements of the accrediting body of physician assistant programs now requires the sponsor of the program to confer a graduate degree upon completion of the program. The bill authorizes Red Rocks community college to continue providing its physician assistant studies program by authorizing Red Rocks community college to confer a graduate degree on students who complete the physician assistant studies program. 05/18/2013 Governor action - signed
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