2013 Information Technology

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HB13-1046Employee User Name Password Privacy Protection WILLIAMS / ULIBARRI The bill prohibits an employer from requiring an employee or applicant for employment to disclose a user name, password, or other means for accessing a personal account or service through an electronic communications device. This does not include access to nonpersonal accounts or services that provide access to the employer's internal computer or information systems. The bill also prohibits an employer from discharging, disciplining, penalizing, or refusing to hire an employee or applicant who does not provide access to personal accounts or services. The bill clarifies that an employer may investigate an employee to ensure compliance with securities or financial law or for suspected unauthorized downloading of proprietary information based on the receipt of information about these activities. 05/11/2013 Governor Action - Signed
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HB13-1079Creation Of The Joint Technology Committee TYLER / NEWELL The bill creates the joint technology committee of the senate and house of representatives, which functions during legislative session and during the interim. The joint technology committee will have oversight over and may review: * The office of information technology; * The chief information security officer and his or her duties related to information security; * Any telecommunications coordination within state government that the chief information officer performs pursuant to state law; * The general government computer center; * The government data advisory board and any of its subcommittees; * The actions of the statewide internet portal authority; * Any information technology purchased or implemented by a state agency that is not being managed through the office of information technology; * Any information technology that a state agency has purchased or implemented that does not follow the standards as set by the office of information technology; * Any information technology that a state agency has purchased or implemented that will have the same function as information technology that the office of information technology has already created, purchased, or implemented. The bill also requires the legislative and judicial department, the department of law, the department of state, and the department of the treasury to each submit a written report to the committee that details all information technology that such department purchased or implemented. 05/18/2013 Governor Action - Signed
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