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Bill # Description Intro / Sponsors Info
HB20-1306 NEW! Excise Tax Credit Unsalable Alcohol Beverages 2/20/20
A. Benavidez
HB20-1265 Increase Public Protection Air Toxics Emissions 2/3/20
A. Benavidez | A. Valdez / J. Gonzales | D. Moreno
HB20-1241 Issue Professional License Lawful United States Presence 1/31/20
A. Benavidez | C. Kipp
HB20-1079 Juveniles On Colorado Sex Offender Registry 1/8/20
A. Benavidez | J. Singer / R. Rodriguez
HB20-1031 Replace Columbus Day With New State Holiday 1/8/20
A. Benavidez | K. Mullica / A. Williams | C. Hansen
HB20-1024 Net Operating Loss Deduction Modifications 1/8/20
A. Benavidez | M. Snyder / D. Moreno
HB20-1025 Sales Tax Exemption Industrial And Manufacturing Energy Use 1/8/20
A. Benavidez | M. Snyder / L. Court | J. Tate
HB20-1303 NEW! Excise Tax On Alcohol Beverages Sacramental Wines 2/20/20
A. Benavidez | M. Snyder
HB20-1304 NEW! Clarify Occasional Alcohol Beverage Sale Exemption 2/20/20
A. Benavidez | M. Snyder
HB20-1305 NEW! Crop And Livestock Contribution Tax Credit 2/20/20
A. Benavidez | M. Snyder
HB20-1290 Failure-to-cooperate Defense First-party Insurance 2/7/20
A. Garnett / S. Fenberg
HB20-1311 NEW! Electronic Funds Transfer Wholesaler Deliveries 2/21/20
A. Garnett / C. Holbert
HB20-1286 Sunset Regulation Of Fantasy Sports 2/4/20
A. Garnett | D. Williams / T. Story
HB20-1055 Vintner's Restaurant Alternating Proprietor 1/8/20
A. Garnett | L. Liston / J. Bridges | K. Priola
HB20-1325 NEW! Low-emission Vehicle Managed Lane Access 2/25/20
A. Valdez
HM20-1001 Memorialize Former Representative Wayne Knox 1/15/20
A. Valdez
HM20-1002 Memorializing Former Speaker Ruben Valdez 1/24/20
A. Valdez
HB20-1328 NEW! Outdoor EmergencyMarijuana Contingency Plans 2/25/20
A. Valdez | D. Esgar / R. Rodriguez | J. Bridges
HB20-1163 Management Of Single-use Products 1/21/20
A. Valdez | E. Sirota / J. Gonzales
HB20-1082 State Historical Society Authority To Sell Property 1/8/20
A. Valdez | J. Rich / T. Story | R. Fields
HB20-1061 Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection Prevention Medications 1/8/20
A. Valdez | L. Herod
HB20-1215 Sunset Water Wastewater Facility Operators Certification Board 1/30/20
A. Valdez | M. Froelich / M. Foote
HB20-1155 Higher Efficiency New Construction Residence 1/17/20
A. Valdez | M. Weissman / C. Hansen
SB20-086 Alcohol Beverage License And Permit Expiration 1/13/20
A. Williams | C. Holbert / M. Snyder
SB20-110 Penalties For Liquor Law Violations 1/15/20
A. Williams | C. Holbert / M. Snyder