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HB21-1005The bill creates the health care services reserve corps task force to evaluate and make recommendations on the creation of a health care services reserve corps program, in which medical professionals could cross-train to be able to serve the state in an emergency or disaster and receive student loan relief for their service. Moses Monitor Tuesday, June 8 2021
(27) in house calendar.  
Health Care Services Reserve Corps Task Force 7/6/2021 Governor Signed
Fiscal impact for this bill 2021-02-16 Mullica and Caraveo- Garcia-- 
HB21-1012The bill expands the states PDMP program, effective February 1, 2023, to track all prescription drugs prescribed in this state. Frank Monitor NOT ON CALENDARExpand Prescription Drug Monitoring Program 7/7/2021 Governor Signed
Fiscal impact for this bill 2021-02-16 Rich and Mullica- Pettersen and Coram-- 
HB21-1021Adds new definitions for peer professionals and "recovery support services organizations" for the purposes of authorizing state regulation and allowing peer professionals to bill medicaid within an RSSO. Further, the bill adds language regarding MSOs contracts explicitly mentioning peer-run recovery support services organizations. Frank Monitor NOT ON CALENDARPeer Support Professionals Behavioral Health 6/18/2021 Governor Signed
Fiscal impact for this bill 2021-02-16 Pelton and Caraveo, Cutter, Kennedy, Larson, Michaelson Jenet, Young- -- 
HB21-1030The bill expands the peace officers mental health support grant program to include funding for on-scene response services to enhance law enforcement's handling of calls for services related to persons with mental health disorders and social service needs, including calls that do not require the presence of a peace officer. Moses Support Tuesday, June 8 2021
(13) in house calendar.  
Expanding Peace Officers Mental Health Grant Program 6/27/2021 Governor Signed
Fiscal impact for this bill 2021-02-16 McCluskie and McKean, Baisley, Bird, Bockenfeld, Carver, Catlin, Cutter, Kennedy,Kipp, Larson, Lontine, Michaelson Jenet, Pelton, Rich, Roberts, Sandridge, Soper, Titone,Van Winkle, Will, Young- Buckner and Cooke, Danielson, Fenberg, Kirkmeyer, Kolker, Liston, Priola, Rankin,Story, Zenzinger-- 
HB21-1050The bill makes a host of policy changes regarding benefits for employees who become incapacitated as a result of a work-related injury or occupational disease. Frank Monitor NOT ON CALENDARWorkers' Compensation 6/30/2021 Governor Signed
Fiscal impact for this bill 2021-02-16 Gray and Van Winkle- Bridges and Cooke-- 
HB21-1068The bill requires that health plans cover an annual mental health wellness examination by a qualified mental health care provider.  Support NOT ON CALENDARInsurance Coverage Mental Health Wellness Exam 7/6/2021 Governor Signed
Fiscal impact for this bill 2021-02-16 Michaelson Jenet and Titone, Weissman- Moreno-- 
HB21-1085The bill creates a regulatory and service system to provide secure transportation services, with different requirements from traditional ambulance services, for individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis Moses Support NOT ON CALENDARSecure Transportation Behavioral Health Crisis 6/27/2021 Governor Signed
Fiscal impact for this bill 2021-02-16 McCluskie and Larson- Bridges and Smallwood-- 
HB21-1094The bill creates the foster youth in transition program to allow foster youth who meet eligibility criteria to voluntarily continue to receive certain child welfare services up until the last day of the month of the youth's twenty-first birthday, or such greater age of foster care eligibility as required by federal law. Frank Support NOT ON CALENDARFoster Youth In Transition Program 6/25/2021 Governor Signed
Fiscal impact for this bill 2021-02-16 Daugherty and Van Beber- Zenzinger-- 
HB21-1097The bill addresses multiple recommendations from the Colorado behavioral health task force, created in 2019, related to the creation of a behavioral health administration (BHA). Frank Support NOT ON CALENDAREstablish Behavioral Health Administration 4/22/2021 Governor Signed
Fiscal impact for this bill 2021-02-16 Young and Pelton- Fields-- 
HB21-1111Requires a governmental entity that maintains, owns, or licenses computerized data that includes certain personal information about any Colorado residents, or a governmental entity that uses a third-party service provider to maintain computerized data that includes certain personal information, to give notice to those Colorado residents every 90 days. Frank Monitor Tuesday, June 8 2021
(24) in house calendar.  
Consent Collection Personal Information 6/30/2021 Governor Signed
Fiscal impact for this bill 2021-02-16 McKean- -- 
HB21-1119Introduces a number of statutory changes to increase prioritization on suicide and suicide attempts and the after-effects of those actions on attempt survivors, family, friends, health care providers, first and last responders, educators, and students in schools where a suicide or attempt occurred. Moses Support NOT ON CALENDARSuicide Prevention, Intervention, & Postvention 4/22/2021 Governor Signed
Fiscal impact for this bill 2021-02-18 Rich and Daugherty- Donovan-- 
HB21-1130The bill expands the community transition specialist program by redefining "high-risk individual" to allow more individuals to access program services and also expands facilities that can access program services. Moses Monitor NOT ON CALENDARExpand Transition Specialist Program 4/20/2021 Governor Signed
Fiscal impact for this bill 2021-02-23 Michaelson Jenet and Bradfield- -- 
HB21-1166Directs HCPF to obtain a vendor to provide a comprehensive care coordination and treatment training model for persons who work with persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities and co-occurring behavioral health needs. Moses Support NOT ON CALENDARBehavioral Health Crisis Response Training 6/15/2021 Governor Signed
No fiscal impact for this bill 2021-03-05 Young and Will- Ginal-- 
HB21-1211The bill prohibits a local jail with a bed capacity of over 400 beds from involuntarily placing an individual in restrictive housing if the individual meets any one of the following conditions: The individual is diagnosed with a serious mental health disorder or is exhibiting self-harm, grossly abnormal and irrational behaviors, or breaks with reality or perceptions of reality indicating the presence of a serious mental health disorder; The individual has self-reported a serious mental health disorder; The individual has a significant auditory or visual impairment that cannot otherwise be accommodated; The individual is pregnant or in the postpartum period; The individual is significantly neurocognitively impaired by a condition such as dementia or a traumatic brain injury; The individual is under 18 years of age; or The individual has an intellectual or developmental disability Moses Monitor NOT ON CALENDARRegulation Of Restrictive Housing In Jails 6/24/2021 Governor Signed
No fiscal impact for this bill 2021-03-05 Amabile, Bacon, Caraveo, Hooton, Michaelson Jenet- Lee-- 
HB21-1232Establishes a public option in Colorado. Frank Monitor NOT ON CALENDARStandardized Health Benefit Plan Colorado Option 6/16/2021 Governor Signed
No fiscal impact for this bill 2021-03-18 Roberts and Jodeh, Mullica, Amabile, Bernett, Caraveo, Cutter, Duran, Gonzales-- Donovan, Bridges, Danielson, Gonzales, Jaquez Lewis, Pettersen, Story, Winter-- 
HB21-1256Requires the department of health care policy and financing to promulgate rules specifically relating to entities that deliver health-care or mental health-care services exclusively or predominately through telemedicine. Moses Support NOT ON CALENDARDelivering Health-care Services Through Telemedicine 5/27/2021 Governor Signed
No fiscal impact for this bill 2021-04-05 Lontine- -- 
HB21-1258Establishes a temporary youth mental health services program o facilitate access to mental health services for youth to respond to identified mental health needs, including those needs that may have resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic. Frank Actively Support Tuesday, June 8 2021
(7) in house calendar.  
Rapid Mental Health Response For Colorado Youth 6/18/2021 Governor Signed
No fiscal impact for this bill 2021-04-06 Michaelson Jenet and Van Winkle- Buckner-- 
HB21-1275Among other things, the bill allows a pharmacist or pharmacy with authority to administer extended-release injectable medications for the treatment of mental health or substance use disorders to seek reimbursement for those medications under the medical assistance program as either a pharmacy benefit or as a medical benefit. Frank Support NOT ON CALENDARMedicaid Reimbursement For Services By Pharmacists 7/7/2021 Governor Signed
No fiscal impact for this bill 2021-04-15 Lontine and Will- Ginal and Kirkmeyer-- 
HB21-1276 Moses Monitor Tuesday, June 8 2021
(20) in house calendar.  
Prevention Of Substance Use Disorders 6/28/2021 Governor Signed
No fiscal impact for this bill 2021-04-15 Kennedy and Herod- Pettersen and Priola-- 
HB21-1281Creates the Disaster Behavioral Health Preparedness and Response program in CDPHE and establishes a cash fund to support preparedness, response, and recovery activities. Frank Actively Support NOT ON CALENDARCommunity Behavioral Health Disaster Program 6/28/2021 Governor Signed
No fiscal impact for this bill 2021-04-16 Cutter and Will- Pettersen-- 
HB21-1304Creates a Department of early childhood Frank Monitor NOT ON CALENDAREarly Childhood System 6/23/2021 Governor Signed
No fiscal impact for this bill 2021-05-06 Sirota and Garnett- Fenberg and Buckner-- 
HB21-1305  Support NOT ON CALENDARMental Health Practice Act 6/30/2021 Governor Signed
No fiscal impact for this bill 2021-05-06 Michaelson Jenet and Pelton- Winter-- 
HB21-1317Makes a number of reforms regarding medical and concentrated marijuana products, including enhancing considerations around the impact on mental health for marijuana product consumers. Moses Monitor Tuesday, June 8 2021
(11) in house calendar.  
Regulating Marijuana Concentrates 6/24/2021 Governor Signed
No fiscal impact for this bill 2021-05-15 Garnett and Caraveo, Geitner- Hansen and Lundeen, Priola-- 
SB21-011The bill authorizes a pharmacist to prescribe an opiate antagonist. and requires a pharmacist who dispenses an opioid to an individual to inform the individual of the potential dangers of a high dose of opioid and offer to prescribe the individual an opiate antagonist if certain circumstances are present. Frank Support NOT ON CALENDARPharmacist Prescribe Dispense Opiate Antagonist 6/4/2021 Governor Signed
No fiscal impact for this bill 2021-02-16 Mullica and Pelton- Fields, Priola-- 
SB21-022Requires that, prior to initiating a review or audit of a medicaid provider, a reviewer or auditor shall confirm receipt of the written request to perform the audit or review. Frank Monitor NOT ON CALENDARNotification Requirements For Health Care Policy And Financing Audit 5/21/2021 Governor Signed
No fiscal impact for this bill 2021-02-16 Snyder and McKean- Bridges and Smallwood-- 
SB21-066The bill makes several changes and clarifications to current juvenile diversion programs . Moses Support NOT ON CALENDARJuvenile Diversion Programs 4/29/2021 Governor Signed
No fiscal impact for this bill 2021-02-16 Michaelson Jenet- Lee-- 
SB21-094The bill implements recommendations of the department of regulatory agencies in its sunset review of and report on the state board of pharmacy and its regulation of the practice of pharmacy and makes other modifications to the laws regulating the practice. The bill includes a provision which CBHC is advocating for to includes in the definition of "other outlet" a community mental health clinic and a facility operating a licensed substance use disorder treatment program, thereby allowing those facilities to register with the board and operate as a pharmacy outlet. Frank Support NOT ON CALENDARSunset Continue State Board Of Pharmacy 6/24/2021 Governor Signed
No fiscal impact for this bill 2021-02-17 Ginal and Winter, Buckner, Fields, Jaquez Lewis, Kirkmeyer, Simpson-- 
SB21-129The bill directs CDHS to develop a suicide prevention and behavioral health treatment program for veterans in El Paso County. Moses Monitor NOT ON CALENDARVeteran Suicide Prevention Pilot Program 6/23/2021 Governor Signed
No fiscal impact for this bill 2021-02-25 Ortiz- Garcia-- 
SB21-137The bill includes a host of policies, programs, and funding opportunities aimed at the system of care and services for Coloradans experiencing substance use disorders. Frank Actively Support Tuesday, June 8 2021
(3) in house calendar.  
Behavioral Health Recovery Act 6/28/2021 Governor Signed
No fiscal impact for this bill 2021-03-02 Michaelson Jenet and Kennedy- Pettersen-- 
SB21-153The bill requires the department of corrections to operate a program to assist offenders with acquiring state-issued identification cards. This essentially codifies and formalizes an existing program . Moses Support NOT ON CALENDARDepartment of Corrections Offender Identification Assistance Program 5/6/2021 Governor Signed
No fiscal impact for this bill 2021-03-02 Ortiz and Tipper- Coleman and Cooke-- 
SB21-154The bill implements 988 as the 3-digit number for crisis response services in Colorado. Moses Actively Support NOT ON CALENDAR988 Suicide Prevention Lifeline Network 6/28/2021 Governor Signed
No fiscal impact for this bill 2021-03-02 Cutter and Soper- Kolker and Simpson-- 
SB21-158The bill expands opportunity within the Colorado Health Service Corps for advanced practice registered nurses and physician assistants with geriatric training or experience. Moses Monitor NOT ON CALENDARIncrease Medical Providers For Senior Citizens 7/6/2021 Governor Signed
No fiscal impact for this bill 2021-03-02 Titone and Duran- Danielson and Pettersen-- 
SB21-181The bill renames the existing "health disparities grant program" to the "health disparities and community grant program" and expands the program in a number of ways aimed at addressing health disparities and social determinants of health. Moses Support NOT ON CALENDAREquity Strategic Plan Address Health Disparities 7/6/2021 Governor Signed
No fiscal impact for this bill 2021-03-10 Herod- Fields and Coram-- 
SB21-273 Moses Support NOT ON CALENDARPre-trial Reform 6/7/2021 House Committee on Finance Postpone Indefinitely
No fiscal impact for this bill 2021-05-14 Benavidez and Bacon- Lee and Moreno, Buckner, Coleman, Gonzales, Rodriguez-- 
SB21-286Gives spending authority to HCPF for APRA related HCBS funding increases Moses Support NOT ON CALENDARDistribution Federal Funds Home- and Community-based Services 6/30/2021 Governor Signed
No fiscal impact for this bill 2021-05-24 Herod and McCluskie- Moreno and Rankin, Hansen--