Bill # StaffBoard/Policy CommitteePositionShort TitleSponsorsMost Recent Status
HB23-1017Jaclyn Terwey  Support Electronic Sales And Use Tax Simplification System C. Kipp (D) | R. Bockenfeld (R) / J. Bridges (D) | K. Van Winkle (R) 6/5/2023 Governor Signed
HB23-1032Heather Stauffer  Oppose Remedies Persons With Disabilities D. Ortiz (D) / R. Rodriguez (D) 5/25/2023 Governor Signed
HB23-1035Jaclyn Terwey Postponed Indefinitely 02/14/2023 Support Statute Of Limitations Minimum Wage Violations M. Soper (R) 2/14/2023 House Committee on Judiciary Postpone Indefinitely
HB23-1042Mollie Steinemann  Neutral Admissibility Standards For Juvenile Statements J. Bacon (D) | S. Sharbini (D) / J. Gonzales (D) 5/18/2023 Governor Signed
HB23-1044Mollie Steinemann Postponed Indefinitely 02/06/23 Oppose Second Amendment Preservation Act K. DeGraaf (R) 2/6/2023 House Committee on State, Civic, Military, & Veterans Affairs Postpone Indefinitely
HB23-1045Jaclyn Terwey  Neutral Employee Leave For Colorado National Guard Service G. Evans (R) / B. Pelton (R) | N. Hinrichsen (D) 3/10/2023 Governor Signed
HB23-1054Jaclyn Terwey Postponed Indefinitely 3/9/23 Oppose Property Valuation L. Frizell (R) / B. Pelton (R) 3/9/2023 House Committee on Finance Postpone Indefinitely
HB23-1057Heather Stauffer  Oppose unless amended Amenities For All Genders In Public Buildings K. McCormick (D) | S. Vigil (D) / S. Jaquez Lewis (D) 5/24/2023 Governor Signed
HB23-1068Meghan MacKillop Governor Signed 6/7/23 Neutral Pet Animal Ownership In Housing A. Valdez (D) / F. Winter (D) | S. Jaquez Lewis (D) 6/7/2023 Governor Signed
HB23-1075Heather Stauffer  Support Wildfire Evacuation And Clearance Time Modeling M. Snyder (D) | J. Joseph (D) / T. Exum (D) 5/15/2023 Governor Signed
HB23-1085Heather Stauffer Postponed Indefinitely 02/23/2023 Support Rural County and Municipality Energy Efficient Building Codes M. Martinez (D) / C. Simpson (R) 2/23/2023 House Committee on Energy & Environment Postpone Indefinitely
HB23-1086Meghan MacKillop Governor Signed 6/7/23 Neutral Due Process Asset Forfeiture Act K. DeGraaf (R) | J. Joseph (D) / M. Baisley (R) | F. Winter (D) 6/7/2023 Governor Signed
HB23-1091Jaclyn Terwey Governor Signed 5/23/23 Support Continuation Of Child Care Contribution Tax Credit R. Pugliese (R) | C. Kipp (D) / J. Marchman | J. Rich (R) 5/23/2023 Governor Signed
HB23-1096Heather Stauffer Postponed Indefinitely 02/27/2023 Support Wildfire Resilient Homes M. Snyder (D) 2/27/2023 House Committee on Agriculture, Water & Natural Resources Postpone Indefinitely
HB23-1101Meghan MacKillop Governor Signed 04/28/2023 Support Ozone Season Transit Grant Program Flexibility S. Vigil (D) | J. Bacon (D) / F. Winter (D) | N. Hinrichsen (D) 4/28/2023 Governor Signed
HB23-1102Mollie Steinemann  Support Alcohol And Drug Impaired Driving Enforcement G. Evans (R) | S. Bird (D) / D. Roberts (D) | C. Hansen (D) 6/5/2023 Governor Signed
HB23-1103Heather Stauffer Postponed Indefinitely 02/13/2023 Oppose Severance Tax Revenue Distribution T. Winter (R) / R. Pelton (R) 2/13/2023 House Committee on Finance Postpone Indefinitely
HB23-1106Jaclyn Terwey Governor Signed 03/23/2023 Support Fire And Police Pension Association Board's Noncompounding Authorization G. Evans (R) | S. Bird (D) / C. Kolker (D) | P. Will (R) 3/23/2023 Governor Signed
HB23-1107Mollie Steinemann  Support Crime Victim Services Funding M. Duran (D) | R. Pugliese (R) / B. Gardner (R) | F. Winter (D) 5/25/2023 Governor Signed
HB23-1127Meghan MacKillop Postponed Indefinitely 02/09/23 Oppose Customer's Right To Use Energy T. Winter (R) / M. Baisley (R) 2/9/2023 House Committee on Energy & Environment Postpone Indefinitely
HB23-1132Meghan MacKillop Governor Signed 6/6/23 Support The Court Data-sharing Task Force M. Snyder (D) | M. Soper (R) / R. Fields (D) 6/7/2023 Governor Signed
HB23-1153Meghan MacKillop  Support Pathways To Behavioral Health Care R. Armagost (R) | J. Amabile (D) / B. Pelton (R) | R. Rodriguez (D) 5/30/2023 Governor Signed
HB23-1155Meghan MacKillop  Neutral Advisement During Custodial Interrogation M. Weissman (D) | J. Bacon (D) / J. Gonzales (D) 5/15/2023 Governor Signed
HB23-1163Meghan MacKillop Postponed Indefinitely: 2/22/23 Oppose Revoke Carbon Dioxide Status As A Pollutant K. DeGraaf (R) 2/23/2023 House Committee on Energy & Environment Postpone Indefinitely
HB23-1164Mollie Steinemann, Meghan MacKillop Postponed Indefinitely 04/11/2023 Neutral Opioid Harm Reduction M. Lynch (R) 4/11/2023 House Committee on Judiciary Postpone Indefinitely
HB23-1166Jaclyn Terwey Postponed Indefinitely 2/21/23 Oppose Repeal Retail Delivery Fees R. Pugliese (R) / P. Will (R) 2/21/2023 House Committee on Transportation, Housing & Local Government Postpone Indefinitely
HB23-1167Mollie Steinemann, Meghan MacKillop  Support if amended Reporting Of Emergency Overdose Events C. deGruy Kennedy (D) | S. Sharbini (D) / R. Rodriguez (D) 5/1/2023 Governor Signed
HB23-1169Mollie Steinemann Postponed Indefinitely 04/05/2023 Oppose Limit Arrest For Low-level Offenses J. Bacon (D) 4/5/2023 House Committee on Judiciary Postpone Indefinitely
HB23-1174Heather Stauffer  Support Homeowner's Insurance Underinsurance J. Amabile (D) | K. Brown (D) / M. Baisley (R) | D. Roberts (D) 5/12/2023 Governor Signed
HB23-1177Meghan MacKillop Postponed Indefinitely: 3/23/23 Oppose Cameras On School Buses For Student Safety B. McLachlan  3/23/2023 House Committee on Education Postpone Indefinitely
HB23-1182Meghan MacKillop Governor Signed 6/7/23 Neutral Remote Public Access To Criminal Court Proceedings E. Epps (D) | J. Mabrey (D) / R. Fields (D) | B. Gardner (R) 6/7/2023 Governor Signed
HB23-1185Heather Stauffer  Support Requirements For Recall Elections And Vacancies L. Daugherty (D) | S. Woodrow (D) / R. Rodriguez (D) 4/17/2023 Governor Signed
HB23-1190Meghan MacKillop Governor Vetoed 6/6/23 Support Affordable Housing Right Of First Refusal A. Boesenecker (D) | E. Sirota (D) / F. Winter (D) | S. Jaquez Lewis (D) 6/6/2023 Governor Vetoed
HB23-1192Meghan MacKillop & Jaclyn Terwey Governor Signed 6/7/23 Neutral Additional Protections In Consumer Code M. Weissman (D) / J. Gonzales (D) | R. Rodriguez (D) 6/7/2023 Governor Signed
HB23-1194Meghan MacKillop Governor Signed 5/19/23 Support Closed Landfills Remediation Local Governments Grants B. McLachlan | R. Pugliese (R) / C. Simpson (R) | J. Ginal (D) 5/19/2023 Governor Signed
HB23-1202Meghan MacKillop Postponed Indefinitely 04/26/2023 Support Overdose Prevention Center Authorization E. Epps (D) | J. Willford (D) / K. Priola (R) | J. Gonzales (D) 4/26/2023 Senate Committee on Health & Human Services Postpone Indefinitely
HB23-1217Meghan MacKillop Governor Signed 5/15/23 Support Motor Vehicles Tows And Crime Victims M. Froelich (D) / R. Fields (D) 5/15/2023 Governor Signed
HB23-1221Heather Stauffer  Support Water Quality Data Standards M. Soper (R) | T. Mauro (D) / C. Simpson (R) 5/11/2023 House Committee on Appropriations Lay Over Unamended - Amendment(s) Failed
HB23-1222Meghan MacKillop Governor Signed 5/22/23 Support Cases Of Domestic Violence In Municipal Court M. Duran (D) | M. Weissman (D) / D. Roberts (D) | F. Winter (D) 5/25/2023 Governor Signed
HB23-1230Mollie Steinemann Postponed Indefinitely 04/20/23 Neutral Prohibit Assault Weapons In Colorado E. Epps (D) / R. Fields (D) 4/19/2023 House Committee on Judiciary Postpone Indefinitely
HB23-1232Meghan MacKillop Governor Signed 5/17/23 Support Extend Housing Toolkit Time Frame J. McCluskie (D) | I. Jodeh (D) / D. Roberts (D) 5/17/2023 Governor Signed
HB23-1233Meghan MacKillop Governor Signed 5/23/23 Oppose, unless amended Electric Vehicle Charging And Parking Requirements T. Mauro (D) | A. Valdez (D) / K. Priola (R) | F. Winter (D) 5/23/2023 Governor Signed
HB23-1240Heather Stauffer  Support Sales Use Tax Exemption Wildfire Disaster Construction K. Brown (D) | J. Amabile (D) / S. Fenberg (D) 5/12/2023 Governor Signed
HB23-1245Heather Stauffer  Oppose Campaign Practices For Municipal Elections J. Parenti (D) | J. Willford (D) / K. Priola (R) | R. Rodriguez (D) 6/7/2023 Governor Signed
HB23-1248Heather Stauffer Postponed Indefinitely 4/12/23 Oppose Executive Committee's Investigatory Authority L. Garcia (D) | J. Mabrey (D) / J. Gonzales (D) | J. Danielson (D) 4/12/2023 House Committee on Legislative Council Postpone Indefinitely
HB23-1249Meghan MacKillop; Mollie Steinemann  Neutral Reduce Justice-involvement For Young Children R. Armagost (R) | S. Gonzales-Gutierrez / C. Simpson (R) | J. Coleman (D) 6/1/2023 Governor Signed
HB23-1255Meghan MacKillop Governor Signed 6/7/23 Oppose unless amended Regulating Local Housing Growth Restrictions W. Lindstedt (D) | R. Dickson (D) / J. Gonzales (D) 6/7/2023 Governor Signed
HB23-1259Heather Stauffer Vetoed 06/05/2023 Support Open Meetings Law Executive Session Violations L. Daugherty (D) | G. Evans (R) / R. Zenzinger (D) | C. Simpson (R) 6/6/2023 Governor Vetoed
HB23-1273Heather Stauffer  Support Creation Of Wildfire Resilient Homes Grant Program M. Snyder (D) | J. Joseph (D) / D. Roberts (D) 5/12/2023 Governor Signed
HB23-1276Meghan MacKillop Governor Signed 5/15/23 Support Scope Of Bridge And Tunnel Enterprise W. Lindstedt (D) | S. Vigil (D) / R. Zenzinger (D) | B. Pelton (R) 5/15/2023 Governor Signed
HB23-1282Jaclyn Terwey Laid Over 07/01/2023 Oppose Protect Consumers From Additional Entities C. Kipp (D) / K. Priola (R) 5/3/2023 House Second Reading Special Order - Laid Over to 07/01/2023 - No Amendments
HB23-1285Meghan MacKillop Governor Signed 6/1/23 Support Store Use Of Carryout Bags And Sustainable Products A. Valdez (D) / K. Priola (R) | L. Cutter (D) 6/1/2023 Governor Signed
HB23-1302Heather Stauffer; Meghan MacKillop Postponed Indefinitely 04/25/2023 Oppose Housing Accessibility D. Ortiz (D) | S. Lieder (D) 4/25/2023 House Committee on Transportation, Housing & Local Government Postpone Indefinitely
HB23-1304Meghan MacKillop Governor Signed 6/5/23 Support Proposition 123 Affordable Housing Programs J. McCluskie (D) | L. Frizell (R) / D. Roberts (D) | T. Exum (D) 6/5/2023 Governor Signed
HB23-1306Heather Stauffer  Oppose unless amended Public Use of Elected Officials' Social Media L. Herod (D) | M. Soper (R) / B. Gardner (R) | J. Coleman (D) 6/5/2023 Governor Signed
HB23-1308Heather Stauffer Postponed Indefinitely 05/02/2023 Oppose Access To Government By Persons With Disabilities D. Ortiz (D) / J. Danielson (D) 5/2/2023 House Committee on Transportation, Housing & Local Government Postpone Indefinitely
HB23-1310Mollie Steinemann Postponed Indefinitely 05/02/2023 Support Misuse Of Public Safety Answering Point C. deGruy Kennedy (D) 5/2/2023 House Committee on Judiciary Postpone Indefinitely
HJR23-1007Heather Stauffer  Support Water Projects Eligibility Lists K. McCormick (D) | M. Catlin (R) / D. Roberts (D) | C. Simpson (R) 2/24/2023 Governor Signed
SB23-001Meghan MacKillop Governor Signed 5/20/23 Support Authority Of Public-private Collaboration Unit For Housing D. Roberts (D) | R. Zenzinger (D) / S. Bird (D) | M. Lukens (D) 5/20/2023 Governor Signed
SB23-006Heather Stauffer  Support Creation Of The Rural Opportunity Office D. Roberts (D) | J. Rich (R) / B. McLachlan | M. Catlin (R) 5/20/2023 Governor Signed
SB23-012Meghan MacKillop Governor Signed 5/12/23 Support Commercial Motor Carrier Enforcement Safety Laws F. Winter (D) | N. Hinrichsen (D) / M. Catlin (R) | M. Froelich (D) 5/12/2023 Governor Signed
SB23-018Mollie Steinemann Died on the calendar 5/9/23 Support Ongoing Funding For 911 Resource Center R. Fields (D) / J. Amabile (D) 5/11/2023 House Committee on Appropriations Lay Over Unamended - Amendment(s) Failed
SB23-022Mollie Steinemann Died on the calendar 5/9/23 Support Possession Of Weapon By Previous Offender Crimes N. Hinrichsen (D) / S. Bird (D) 5/11/2023 House Committee on Appropriations Lay Over Unamended - Amendment(s) Failed
SB23-035Meghan MacKillop Governor Signed 6/2/23 Support Middle-income Housing Authority Act J. Bridges (D) | D. Moreno / L. Herod (D) | J. Joseph (D) 6/2/2023 Governor Signed
SB23-052Heather Stauffer  Support Municipal Priority Lien Surviving Treasurer's Deed N. Hinrichsen (D) / M. Martinez (D) | T. Mauro (D) 4/3/2023 Governor Signed
SB23-053Jaclyn Terwey  Oppose Restrict Governmental Nondisclosure Agreements B. Kirkmeyer (R) | R. Rodriguez (D) / S. Woodrow (D) | G. Evans (R) 6/2/2023 Governor Signed
SB23-055Jaclyn Terwey Postponed Indefinitely 2/13/23 Oppose Unless Amend Car Sharing Program Sales Use And Ownership Tax B. Gardner (R) 2/13/2023 Senate Committee on Transportation & Energy Postpone Indefinitely
SB23-058Jaclyn Terwey  Neutral Job Application Fairness Act J. Danielson (D) | S. Jaquez Lewis (D) / J. Willford (D) | M. Young (D) 6/2/2023 Governor Signed
SB23-072Meghan MacKillop Governor Signed 5/12/23 Support Sunset Defense Counsel First Appearance Program R. Rodriguez (D) / E. Epps (D) | M. Soper (R) 5/12/2023 Governor Signed
SB23-075Mollie Steinemann  Support Deletion Of Child's Name From Criminal Justice Records R. Fields (D) | T. Exum (D) / N. Ricks (D) | B. Titone (D) 5/23/2023 Governor Signed
SB23-097Mollie Steinemann  Support Motor Vehicle Theft And Unauthorized Use R. Zenzinger (D) | B. Gardner (R) / S. Bird (D) | M. Soper (R) 6/2/2023 Governor Signed
SB23-105Jaclyn Terwey  Oppose Ensure Equal Pay For Equal Work J. Danielson (D) | J. Buckner (D) / S. Gonzales-Gutierrez | J. Bacon (D) 6/5/2023 Governor Signed
SB23-108Jaclyn Terwey  Support Allowing Temporary Reductions In Property Tax Due M. Baisley (R) | F. Winter (D) / R. Pugliese (R) | L. Frizell (R) 6/5/2023 Governor Signed
SB23-109Mollie Steinemann Postponed Indefinitely 05/05/2023 Support Criminal Penalty Controlled Substance Supplier B. Pelton (R) | K. Mullica (D) / M. Lynch (R) | M. Snyder (D) 5/5/2023 House Committee on Judiciary Postpone Indefinitely
SB23-111Jaclyn Terwey  Oppose Public Employees' Workplace Protection R. Rodriguez (D) / S. Woodrow (D) | B. Titone (D) 6/6/2023 Governor Signed
SB23-143Jaclyn Terwey  Support Retail Delivery Fees S. Fenberg (D) | K. Van Winkle (R) / C. Kipp (D) | M. Soper (R) 5/4/2023 Governor Signed
SB23-150Heather Stauffer  Support Require Labeling Disposable Wipes D. Roberts (D) | P. Will (R) / M. Froelich (D) | L. Frizell (R) 4/11/2023 Governor Signed
SB23-166Heather Stauffer  Oppose unless amended Establishment Of A Wildfire Resiliency Code Board L. Cutter (D) | T. Exum (D) / M. Froelich (D) | E. Velasco (D) 5/12/2023 Governor Signed
SB23-170Mollie Steinemann  Support Extreme Risk Protection Order Petitions T. Sullivan (D) | S. Fenberg (D) / J. Bacon (D) | M. Weissman (D) 4/28/2023 Governor Signed
SB23-171Mollie Steinemann Postponed Indefinitely 03/28/2023 Oppose Large Entertainment Facility Substance-free Seating Requirement K. Priola (R) / C. deGruy Kennedy (D) 3/28/2023 Senate Committee on Finance Postpone Indefinitely
SB23-172Jaclyn Terwey  Oppose Protecting Opportunities And Workers' Rights Act F. Winter (D) | J. Gonzales (D) / M. Weissman (D) | J. Bacon (D) 6/6/2023 Governor Signed
SB23-175Jaclyn Terwey  Support Financing Of Downtown Development Authority Projects S. Jaquez Lewis (D) | J. Rich (R) / A. Boesenecker (D) | R. Taggart (R) 6/2/2023 Governor Signed
SB23-177Heather Stauffer  Support 2023 Colorado Water Conservation Board Water Projects Appropriations D. Roberts (D) | C. Simpson (R) / K. McCormick (D) | M. Catlin (R) 6/5/2023 Governor Signed
SB23-183Jaclyn Terwey  Support Local Government Provision Of Communications Services K. Priola (R) | M. Baisley (R) / B. Titone (D) | R. Weinberg  5/1/2023 Governor Signed
SB23-191Meghan MacKillop Governor Signed 5/17/23 Support Colorado Department Of Public Health And Environment Organics Diversion Study L. Cutter (D) / J. Joseph (D) | C. Kipp (D) 5/17/2023 Governor Signed
SB23-198Jaclyn Terwey  Oppose Clean Energy Plans F. Winter (D) | L. Cutter (D) / M. Weissman (D) | W. Lindstedt (D) 6/5/2023 Governor Signed
SB23-201Heather Stauffer Postponed Indefinitely 04/20/2023 Support Mineral Resources Property Owners' Rights S. Jaquez Lewis (D) / A. Boesenecker (D) | M. Weissman (D) 4/20/2023 Senate Committee on Agriculture & Natural Resources Postpone Indefinitely
SB23-203Mollie Steinemann  Support Authorize Department Of Corrections Inspector General To Apprehend Fugitives R. Fields (D) / M. Soper (R) | B. Marshall (D) 6/5/2023 Governor Signed
SB23-213Meghan MacKillop Died on calendar 05/08/2023 Oppose Land Use D. Moreno / I. Jodeh (D) | S. Woodrow (D) 5/6/2023 Senate Considered House Amendments - Result was to Laid Over Daily
SB23-237Heather Stauffer  Support Transfer To Water Plan Implementation Cash Fund B. Kirkmeyer (R) | J. Bridges (D) / R. Bockenfeld (R) | S. Bird (D) 4/20/2023 Governor Signed
SB23-238Heather Stauffer  Support Small Communities Water and Wastewater Grant Fund R. Zenzinger (D) | B. Kirkmeyer (R) / E. Sirota (D) | R. Bockenfeld (R) 4/25/2023 Governor Signed
SB23-244Heather Stauffer  Support Technology Accessibility Cleanup J. Bridges (D) | R. Zenzinger (D) / S. Bird (D) | E. Sirota (D) 4/20/2023 Governor Signed
SB23-249Mollie Steinemann  Support False Reporting Of Emergency J. Bridges (D) | K. Van Winkle (R) / B. McLachlan | G. Evans (R) 6/7/2023 Governor Signed
SB23-257Mollie Steinemann  Support Auto Theft Prevention Cash Fund J. Bridges (D) | B. Gardner (R) / B. Titone (D) | R. Bockenfeld (R) 6/2/2023 Governor Signed
SB23-268Meghan MacKillop Governor Signed 6/6/23 Support Ten-year Transportation Plan Information K. Mullica (D) | B. Kirkmeyer (R) / S. Bird (D) | R. Bockenfeld (R) 6/6/2023 Governor Signed
SB23-269Jaclyn Terwey  Support Colorado Preschool Program Provider Bonus Payments J. Buckner (D) | J. Rich (R) / M. Lukens (D) | M. Bradfield (R) 6/2/2023 Governor Signed
SB23-270Heather Stauffer  Support Projects To Restore Natural Stream Systems D. Roberts (D) | C. Simpson (R) / K. McCormick (D) | M. Catlin (R) 6/5/2023 Governor Signed
SB23-273Jaclyn Terwey Governor Vetoed 5/23/23 Oppose Agricultural Land In Urban Renewal Areas J. Marchman / A. Boesenecker (D) 5/23/2023 Governor Vetoed
SB23-274Heather Stauffer  Oppose Water Quality Control Fee-setting By Rule F. Winter (D) / R. Dickson (D) | W. Lindstedt (D) 5/17/2023 Governor Signed
SB23-276Heather Stauffer  Support Modifications To Laws Regarding Elections S. Fenberg (D) / E. Sirota (D) 6/6/2023 Governor Signed
SB23-277Mollie Steinemann  Support Public Safety Programs Extended Uses J. Buckner (D) | K. Van Winkle (R) / A. Valdez (D) | M. Soper (R) 6/7/2023 Governor Signed
SB23-283Meghan MacKillop Governor Signed 5/22/23 Support Mechanisms For Federal Infrastructure Funding R. Zenzinger (D) | J. Bridges (D) / S. Bird (D) | E. Sirota (D) 5/22/2023 Governor Signed
SB23-290Mollie Steinemann  Support if amended Natural Medicine Regulation And Legalization S. Fenberg (D) / J. Amabile (D) 5/23/2023 Governor Signed
SB23-303Jaclyn Terwey  Oppose Reduce Property Taxes And Voter-approved Revenue Change S. Fenberg (D) | C. Hansen (D) / C. deGruy Kennedy (D) | M. Weissman (D) 5/24/2023 Governor Signed
SB23-305Jaclyn Terwey Postponed Indefinitely- 5/4/23 Support Property Tax Task Force B. Pelton (R) / R. Pugliese (R) 5/4/2023 Senate Committee on Finance Postpone Indefinitely